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For Merchants

The software produced by Multichain Ventures for digital currency processing eases merchant adoption of cryptocurrency for both point-of-sale and ecommerce sales. The Merchant Gateway software fulfills merchant needs with an array of features including digital currency checkouts with real-time price conversions, full inventory management, stable asset trade processing (to avoid volatility), employee sales tracking, and integrations with popular ecommerce platforms.

Cubed Pay is the general merchant processing arm of Multichain Ventures - while the Tokes Platform specifically serves the legal cannabis industry.

For Supply Chains

Multichain Ventures can decentralize supply chain data on an immutable ledger for trustless recording and visibility of event data, both within and across enterprises. This enables stakeholders to gain a shared view of physical (or digital) objects, as they travel throughout the supply chain, from business to business and ultimately to consumers. Learn more about EDEN, the supply chain focused branch of Multichain Ventures.

For Developers

Reli.Cloud (short for reliable) combines cutting edge open-source technologies into an accessible Platform as a Service, automating DevOps needs and application publishing with high availability, leveraging Kubernetes.  Reli enables teams to quickly deploy a number of software products, including blockchain infrastructure, with easy scalability. Whether you’re a single developer, or a large established enterprise, we have a solution for you.

Discounts are granted for all Reli services when paying with the Tokes (TKS) token. is a Cryptocurrency Payments API integration solution to quickly accept all major forms of cryptocurrency in whatever software package you need. Web, mobile, or other types of merchant software can be integrated rapidly.

What is Multichain Ventures?

Multichain Ventures has an integrated ecosystem of software products with TKS token integrations at every step.
Learn about our portfolio of products below.

Multichain Ventures

Multichain Ventures produces a number of blockchain focused products and services for payment processing, supply chain visibility, and DevOps infrastructure. We leverage the bleeding edge of open source technology to provide solutions for any industry vertical. Click any of the icons below to learn more about the brands in the Multichain portfolio.


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